Original Serious Misconduct Case

This page contains details behind the disagreement between JCU and Peter Ridd following JCU’s accusations of serious misconduct against Ridd. Ridd was accused of being non-collegial for making comments questioning the reliability of science coming from some prestigious organisations. In addition JCU went through Ridd’s email account seeking further evidence of misconduct which they then presented as over 20 additional serious misconduct allegations. You be the judge – read on.


A one page summary of the case Short Summary

A four page summary of the case.  Summary of Case F for redacted

The four page  summary includes information on the emails that JCU used against Ridd and why this is an important case for science, academic freedom, and North Queensland. Note: this file has an index to the legal paperwork showing the offending emails (Table 2).

Legal Paperwork: Much of the gory detail including all the offending emails (over 100 pages).    paper-work-serious-misconduct-case original_redacted_redacted-b_redacted    Use this index to navigate through the document. Index for redacted. It is best to open the index in a separate tab to the 100 page file.

 Interview: The interview with Alan Jones that precipitated JCU’s action. Go to 32 minutes and 40 seconds.

Book Chapter: the book chapter in “Climate Change: The facts 2017” that was the subject of Alan Jones’ interview. Ridd-P-Chapter-1-from-Climate-Change-The-Facts-2017-IPA

Article: This article explains Ridd’s view on the quality control problems for science in general and for the GBR in particular. Larcombe and Ridd 2018 .

Crowd funding of legal Case: Ridd is taking legal action even though he could just accept the censure, remain silent and fade away into retirement. However he has chosen to fight and is asking for assistance.


Newspaper Articles:

The Australian  mnetioned the legal matters.  The Australian Feb1 2018

Opinion piece in Courier Mail. examples of bad reef “science”. Ridd Opinion Courier mail 25 jan 2018.  

Opinion piece by Graham Young in Sunday Mail and Townsville Bulletin January 2018. opinion-GBR Quality Problems.

The Australian Nov 2017 .  Great Barrier Reef science row heads to court

The Australian August 2017. Fears uni may sack marine scientist over comments on reef health

The Australian 2016. Reef whistleblower censured by James Cook University.

This article in the Guardian Australia (Jan 2018)  shows that one of JCU’s  major stakeholders also has concerns about the quality of  some GBR science.

This article    in the Courier Mail (Jan 2018) is about the damage to the Tourist industry. Qld Tourist operators more scared of doomsday scientist than climate change.

This article in the Cairns Post October 2017


Court Documents: If one wants to get the full court documents use the  following link.


A non party access form would need to be filled in and returned to the court.

Proceeding Title: Peter Vincent Ridd v James Cook University and ORS

Proceeding number: BRG1148/2017 . Judge Vasta


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